the CRMG difference

Experience and therapeutic knowledge, relevant access, partnership and communication. These are not just industry buzzwords –  they are the qualities that define and encompass the underlying reasons our customers look to CRMG time and time again.


CRMG combines internal resources with a proven network of vetted consultants to provide our clients with the highest levels of clinical, regulatory and medical expertise across a range of therapeutic areas. For every project that we work on, CRMG invests the time to discuss the critical parameters with our clients that are necessary for a successful outcome. Our scientific and operational teams are tailored specifically to their project needs, and consist of highly experienced industry professionals who have the relevant therapeutic expertise required. 

Furthermore, one of the core advantages to how CRMG conducts our studies is that the team initially assigned to your program will finish your program. When our project teams are assigned, CRMG's executive management takes the time to ensure our resources are not over-committed, and we reward our team based on achievement of meeting and exceeding our client’s goals. 

Relevant Access

Relevant access is a two-way street. Developing meaningful relationships with key resources has been key to our success. CRMG has worked across a variety of therapeutic areas and has established excellent working relationship with investigators, site networks and key opinion leaders across the country.  Developing meaningful relationships has been key to our success.  For example, CRMG provides investigators and their staff with project-specific tools and helpful information for their study.

We always ensure there is a CRMG team member available when questions or problems arise.  By doing simple things like answering the phone when a site calls instead of directing the call to someone’s voicemail, we strive to provide our investigators with the resources they need to make conducting your study as easy as possible. When investigators are happy and focused, our clients are getting the performance they expect and deserve.

Partnership & Communication

Communication in our experience is one of the most essential ingredients in the successful outcome of any project. The word itself is defined by the exchange of information to express your ideas, thoughts or goals to someone else.  As the very nature of clinical research involves multiple stakeholders, it is extremely important that effective communication is established at the beginning of any project and continues through project close. The sponsor, CRO, investigators and other specialty vendors all need to work in concert to achieve a common, predefined goal. CRMG’s excellence in communication processes allows us to effectively manage multiple stakeholders, leading to efficiently run clinical studies, conducted on time and within the agreed budget.

Further, CRMG builds collaborative partnerships with our clients via open and continuous communication, where a clear understanding of goals established up front allows CRMG to leverage our clinical expertise, therapeutic knowledge, and provide flexibility to proactively respond to inevitable change.  By consistently providing the quality deliverables our clients expect, we effectively build durable long-term relationships with our clients that are based upon trust, reliability, quality, cost control and performance.  

  “We attribute our success in part to the great monitoring and support from CRMG”