Mission / Vision

Mission Statement


“Integrity, quality, knowledge, and passion—the cornerstones of success in life are the core of our business. Our mission is to deliver these key elements to each of our sponsors regardless of size, without exception.”

- Stephen Cincotta, President & CEO

From its inception, CRMG’s vision has been to create a clinical consulting and research organization that focused on the needs of the biotech and small to mid-size pharmaceutical company sector. We strive to be more than a service provider, but rather a true development team partner that provides guidance on your study design, with the ability to operationally execute and deliver your trial against challenging timelines. We do this by focusing on the following core principles that we believe are key success factors in serving the needs of small to mid-sized companies:

  • Pertinent experience matters, and CRMG strives to provide highly experienced clinical and medical teams that are therapeutically aligned to your study needs.
  • Team continuity matters, and CRMG never intentionally switches out a member of a study team during the life of the study.
  • Flexibility matters, and CRMG’s flat organizational structure combined with the accountability of our team members allows us to respond to the changing needs of our clients at a moment’s notice.
  • Customer service matters, and CRMG strives to provide the highest levels of communication and responsiveness, so that you always know what is happening with your program.
  • Contractual commitment matters, and CRMG will perform and resource a project as agreed. Change orders are for changes in scope, not for inadequate resourcing upfront.
  • All business clients are created equally, meaning that we give all clients and their projects our fullest attention and best resources available, regardless of the size and scope of the project.


  “They’re 100% committed to us and our project. Someone’s available whenever I need them.”