“With our organizational roots stemming from biotech, we understand the demands that these organizations face, and have designed CRMG to provide the experienced resources you want, in a responsive and flexible environment you need.”

- Stephen Cincotta, President & CEO

CRMG emerged as a result of founder Stephen Cincotta’s experiences in running clinical operations at a biotech company in the 1990’s. Through his early experiences, Stephen quickly realized that none of the CRO organizations that he worked with were able to provide the optimal blend of quality, experience, capabilities and service level that met his needs and expectations. Further, he came to identify the inherent problems that came with handing over the company’s clinical study execution to individuals that did not share the same passion or sense of urgency for completing projects on time or within budget.

In 1997, Stephen founded Clinical Research Management, Inc. (now CRMG) to provide a platform for delivering exceptional clinical development services catering to the biotech sector. One of the organization's first drug development projects was supporting a biotech with a large multi-center study to support the development of a drug for type II diabetes. Then a small, start-up organization, CRMG identified and managed over 200 investigative sites within the United States (US) and enrolled several thousand subjects. This work provided the critical data that lead to the eventual approval of the drug by the US Food and Drug Administration.

While much has changed since then, providing high-quality, tailored services to our sponsors, no matter how big or small the project, remains a consistent theme at CRMG. Since our founding, CRMG has offered a wide range of clinical development services including strategic consulting, functional service provider (FSP) offerings, and full clinical trial support for studies ranging from Phases I – IV.

In 2014 we changed our name from Clinical Research Management, Inc to Clinical Research Management Group. A small change in language, yes, but a reflection of organizational evolution. CRMG today is a full service consulting & clinical research organization, leveraging a consortium of vetted and experienced experts from a variety of disciplines to compliment the core clinical operations group that has been the driving force of the organization since our inception. These affiliations each bring their own network of connections, relational histories and skills as technical, scientific and therapeutic advisors.  The result of this evolution allows CRMG to create a partner which provides our client’s a wealth of expertise within a nimble & flexible CRO environment.

Our proficiency and proven ability to consistently deliver are hallmarks of what we do. We are proud of our successful track record and the partnerships that we have created with our sponsors, with many programs leading to NDA submissions and approvals.

CRMG remains a privately-held consulting and contract research organization (CRO), with corporate headquarters located in western Massachusetts, just 90 miles west of Boston.

  "That chain of command at CRMG is in place, and the responsibility with their team is there. It’s what helps me sleep at night."